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Rough & Ready Technologies is a small enginerring company who specializes in the field of telecommunication and advanced web solution. We guarantee that we are the best in our field. If you need SMS/MMS and payment solutions please do not hesitate contacting us.

Stock information

  • Stocks and finace reports With our system financial offices can offer its customers updated information by sending out SMS messages through our gateway. Read more here


  • SMS2RADIO is one of the best web solutions for radio and TV solutions, who enables their listeners and viewers to send in their request
  • Own module for publishing messages and images.
  • Own module for sending out bulk messages
  • Complete statistics over the traffic
  • Our happy customers are our best referances
  • Please contact for more informatiion.


SMS Campaign

  • SMS CAmpaign is a tailer mede solution for larger SMS operations
  • Complete reports and statistics of all actions
  • Read more here
  • Plese contact for more information.

Digital Media Server

  • DMS 2.1 is one of the first high speed "Concatenated Digital Media Server (CDMS)". CDMS deliver audio output where you are not able to hear the difference fro mthe real human voice. With the natural sound. seamless integration and high speed processing this product have many field of usage.
  • Please contact for more information.

SMS Competition

  • With our advanced SMS competition module you can arrange competitions and games where the users get questions they have to answer. This service is very nice for better customer relation and customer communication. The service is 100% automatic! Read more here.
  • Please contact for more information.

Wireless WEB camera

  • With your own wireless camera you can see images from your property directly on our system. A complete web interface and your own home account. See more here or register.
  • Please contact for more information.

Show information on the map - Positinoing service- Posisjoneringstjeneste

  • If you have a customer database and would like to dispaly the data on the map. Please do nnot hesitate contaction us! See samle here. Read more here.